3.01 ROAS Google Ads

4.48 ROAS Facebook Ads

6.49% Conversion rate


Simon F.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I came on board with Keto Co very early on in their journey as they were launching into the market. The main challenge for thins brand was the fact that they were brand new in the market and were building their online presence from scratch.

The Process

The Keto community are active on Facebook and, as a result, utilising the power of Facebook Ads was a natural first step when creating the campaigns. We have been able to deliver consistent results from Facebook Ads with a strong ROAS and CPA.

There is also significant search intent for keto-related products via Google and hence, Google Ads has been able to deliver consistent results, with a strong return via both shopping ads and search ads.

The Solution

3.01 ROAS Google Ads

4.48 ROAS Facebook Ads

6.49% Conversion rate

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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Before we stepped in to help, Larissa’s email marketing strategy consisted of sending 1-2 emails a month that did not successfully create leads or gain traction. Though she had around 65,000 email addresses, she was not effectively capitalizing on them.



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Reduce CPL from $45-55 per lead to below $30 which is around a 40-50% improvement in cost per lead



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They came to us for Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.




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