Increase followers from 100 to 20k as well as a 15% increase on sales coming directly from TikTok


Dalila R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

To be on top of TikTok trends and establish the brand as a gen-z jewelry company with affordable high-quality pieces

The Process

Influencer marketing + Gen-z content research + weekly content calendar

The Solution

Increase followers from 100 to 20k as well as a 15% increase on sales coming directly from TikTok

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Social Media Management


Style & Fashion

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We wanted to increase online visibility to promote physical visitors to the installation.

Aarong Chang Galleries

Our clients' goal was to sell their Holiday Collection online. During the pandemic, a successful launch was more important than ever to their business. 




BudgetNet had established itself as a highly respected provider of NDIS plan management services over their short history. 

Their growth had been on the back of word of mouth, referrals and paid search.

With more and more competition entering the market, however, they had noticed their cost per click and return on investment on paid search campaigns get slowly chipped away. 

They knew that longer-term, they needed an SEO strategy in place to protect their online presence in the market.


Given too much variance in ability of product marketing teams throughout the company, Wiley wanted to build and in-house agency of marketing specialists, who would partner with product marketers on all high revenue earning products (ranging from $250K annual to $50M+) to ensure successful outcomes.

I was brought in to build and lead this global team, and my challenge was to build out the proper processes, communication, measurement, and reporting, as well as get buy-in from global product teams who were not all thrilled with having some of their autonomy taken away.