Our goal was to reach a 2 ROAS across the platform, given their low AOV.


Justin G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Made By Yoke was having success with their Facebook advertising but was struggling to reach profitability through Google.

The Process

I performed in depth research to understand potential opportunities on Google, then built out campaigns to help them reach their goals. We ended up running Brand, Nonbrand, Shopping, Competitor, and Display campaigns in tandem.

The Solution

Our goal was to reach a 2 ROAS across the platform, given their low AOV.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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XMP Packaging

To grap hot leads but requiring big quantities of packaging with order above 100K




Client was having issues driving traffic to their website and having users contact them for their services. No way to measure traffic and engagement.




Growing the brand through digital media expansion and optimization, despite a volatile market during COVID.




The CLL (language center) wanted to launch a new online platform (named VISIAGORA) to propose new trainings on any matters such as: astronomy, cooking, languages, kids development and many more. Classes were given by professional at different moments of the day for about 2 hours during 1, 2 or several months.

The challenge was to quickly promote this training for the summer in a short laps of time (campaign launched in June for training starting in July) and knowing the platform was new and we needed it to be dissociated from the main organization (CLL) specialized in languages.

In addition, it was the beginning of the COVID period (2020) and people were just about getting used to work remotely and to use digital tools for their trainings.