• 26% increase in AOV
  • 168% increase in CVR
  • 5x lift in Aggregate Sales
  • 600K users reached
  • 20K+ increase in upsell take rates
  • 22% increase in higher-priced bundles
  • 160,607 emails generated

Frederic Jean B.

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The Challenge

The Brand: Maelys

Maelys Cosmetics was founded in 2016 with a simple mission: develop innovative, high-quality beauty products available to everyone! Fast forward 3 years and Maelys became one the fastest growing beauty brands in Israel. Maelys attempts to push the boundaries in developing and formulating the most progressive beauty products, using only the highest quality ingredients, supported by a unique, seamless digital shopping experience.

The Product: B-Tight

B-Tight is a moisturizing firm and lift booty mask that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. It features six key ingredients including pink pepperslim - which is eight times more powerful than caffeine alone, and eco-slim - which has 46 percent higher concentration than caffeine extracts. It also contains guarana plant extract, guarana, collagen, and red grapefruit oil.

The Challenge:

Develop conversion-focused campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to acquire a minimum of 200 customers per day by week 6, within predetermined CPA ranges and unit economic thresholds.

The Constraints

  • The current B-tight website was not converting high enough to achieve a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Marketing content was fatigued and needed to be updated and repurposed
  • The cost per acquisition (CPA) that Maelys was willing to pay, was not high enough to achieve a profitable ROAS

The Process

Design marketing funnels adjacent to Maelys’ e-commerce store that sell B-Tight more effectively:

  • Develop 3-5 unique B-Tight marketing funnels - differentiated by angle concept and path to purchase variations
  • Split test each funnel variant to determine the optimal flow that yields the highest conversion rate
  • Informed by data, apply frequent optimizations to underperforming sections of the flow to expedite the path to purchase and increase conversion rates
  • QA optimizations including browser & device compatibility, page speeds, UX formatting, copywriting edits, multi-device testing, image/video compression

Develop and optimize front-end ad creatives to increase engagement and CTRs on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Develop ads, presells and promotional copy (headlines, CTAs, body, thumbnails) to support the angle strategies
  • Freshen up Maelys’ marketing content into more engaging paid media assets that align with the angles
  • Leverage Kourtney Kardashian partnership & content assets to develop celebrity/influencer-focused presell & advertorial promotional pages to boost product credibility
  • Split test several different ad placements including Facebook (FB) Newsfeed, FB stories & Instagram stories to determine most profitable segments
  • Split test several different ad formats including dynamic, photo and video ads and scale based on results

Develop product bundle & upsell strategy that increases Average Order Value (AOV) so Maelys’ could pay out a higher CPA to our media buying partners:

  • Maintain existing pricing structure but utilize direct response tactics to more effectively entice customers to purchase more expensive bundle options
  • Design and integrate upsell flows for a minimum of 3 complimentary, most-reviewed and frequently sold products in the Maelys’ catalogue, post-purchase to the initial B-tight transaction
  • Develop a variety of different pricing options for the upsell products to find the optimal take rates
  • Create additional incentives (apart from discounting) to increase the perceived value and, thus, purchase intent on more expensive bundle options and upsell products

The Solution

  • 26% increase in AOV
  • 168% increase in CVR
  • 5x lift in Aggregate Sales
  • 600K users reached
  • 20K+ increase in upsell take rates
  • 22% increase in higher-priced bundles
  • 160,607 emails generated
Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,CRO



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