Rebuilding their Facebook Ads strategy resulting in platform-wide ROAS going from 0 - 3.75


Jamie S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Manu Atelier was looking to grow its brand through paid ads.

The Process

Looking at the brand's bigger picture, I rebuilt and managed a strategy that allowed Facebook/Instagram to breathe and focus on what it does best, grow awareness. I then siloed the engagement into a well thought out funnel that resulted in the bottom of funnel ROAS reaching 15x.

The Solution

Rebuilding their Facebook Ads strategy resulting in platform-wide ROAS going from 0 - 3.75

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads


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The launch of one of the most emblematic hotels of madrid. located in a history building, one of the only building. with a 360 view of madrid. the challenge in summer. of 2019. was to launch the hotel through a huge media buzz created from a VIP private party on the sky 360 bar.




Bamboobies is brand all about motherhood. They target expecting moms and new moms with various products for mom & baby, including pre and postpartum accessories, clothing, breastfeeding products, etc. We started working with Bamboobies primarily on marketing strategy, SEO and paid media advertising (Google Shopping) initiatives with an overall objective to increase brand awareness and online digital sales in the marketplace.




They wanted us to increase their digital marketing presence, engagement & results.

Beeline Wellness

Prior to working with DIDO AGENCY, their profit margins were typically strong, but they weren't fully utilizing their network of previous buyers. Beeline Wellness discovered that in order to stay in touch with customers between transactions, it needed to improve its marketing efforts.