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The Challenge

The goal of this project was to increase sales for Marisa Peer's e-com products including hypnosis audios, self-help books, and 21-Day Challenge programs. When I first started working on this client's ad account, sales were struggling and the average cost per sale was higher than the company could afford. As a result, the ROAS was at a breakeven mark at that point.

One of the main challenges, I faced at that time was dealing with the iOS 14 changes, as that was the time of a period when IOS 14 was released and the extent of the impact on the ads was still very new. In order to tackle this, I decided to maximize the use of our existing customer database rather than relying purely on pixel activity. In addition to that, as audiences size kept decreasing due to iOS 14, I started introducing more Instant Experience ads in the account which allowed me to create new audiences both for prospecting and retargeting. At that point, the combination of Instant Experiences along with the introduction of new ad creatives on a weekly basis allowed me to bring the ROAS to 3X within the first 30days of working on this ad account. 

The Process

I worked as a Media Buyer for this project where I was fully managing the Facebook and Instagram ads for Marisa Peer.

While working on this project, I had to work with Facebook's Business Manager on a daily basis, where I was monitoring, assessing and creating new campaigns. In addition, I had to analyze all data of the campaigns and assessing key metrics such as Cost Per Sale, ROAS, CTRs, CPMs.

I also had to create detailed reports on the performance of the campaigns using tools such as Supermetrics.

Last but not least, I had to work closely with the copywriting and design team, where I had to brief both teams with new ad creative concepts, and storyboard the exact ad creatives that I needed, which then went into production with the graphic designers.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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