increased sales run rate 12.5X in 2.5 years (excluding Shark Tank sales bump) from $200K to a steady rate of $2.5MM for several months.


Dana D.

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The Challenge

MealEnders Cravings Control lozenges (initially called MealEnders Signaling Lozenges) were launched in October 2014. With the exception of one PR hit that drove significant sales, their marketing efforts (primarily a dietitians convention, google ads, facebook ads, paid blog placements, and PR) were not resulting in cost-effective acquisition.

The Process

After fully taking over marketing for MealEnders in May 2015, I increased sales almost 5x in the second half of the year versus the first half, then 160% from year 1 to year 2, and 190% from year 2 to year 3. Growth was driven primarily by: 1) Personally scaling Facebook advertising from $5000 to 6-figures/month while reducing cost per acquisition (while fine-tuning the brand messaging), 2) launching/growing sales on Amazon, and 3) Launching an Email marketing program (and opt-in strategy) that increased repurchase rate by almost 80% and more than doubled the percentage of sales driven by email in 3 years even with tremendous topline growth. I also helped to secure and then leveraged an appearance on Shark Tank leading to over $500K in sales within 2 weeks following the airing, and several hundred thousand more in the following months.

The Solution

increased sales run rate 12.5X in 2.5 years (excluding Shark Tank sales bump) from $200K to a steady rate of $2.5MM for several months.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Email Marketing,CRO,Branding,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy,CMO


Health & Wellness

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