Increased spend on FB/ IG by ~2X while maintaining ROAS goal


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The Challenge

Monq was looking to scale spend on FB and IG which was their primary customer acquisition channel.

The Process

We restructured Monq's ad account and made a testing framework for the brand to sequentially test audiences, creatives, and bid types.

I was the primary lead driving strategy and testing - including building new messaging angles, visual treatments for creative testing, creating a testing structure to follow, and education on best practices for account testing and structure.

We focused on weekly optimizations and sequential testing to drive growth in the account.

The Solution

Increased spend on FB/ IG by ~2X while maintaining ROAS goal

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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The challenges with Bounkit were to bring a much more cohesive feel to their social media approach and provide content unity and consistency. Not being on location, we had to work hand in hand with the owners to ensure proper creative execution and representation of their physical location. Working with a luxury jewelry company, it was important to get traffic to their pages, and from there to their website where they could expand on their story and offering.



ACH Foods

To build an online community, enticing people to follow and use recipes from Make Good/Bake Good and purchase products from ACH Food (Fleishmann's and Mazola Oil).



Compton Builders

Redevelopment of website and tracking implementation to prepare for digital advertising.




Sparrow is a science-based subscription service that condenses the latest science insights in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner.

At the time Sparrow was an early stage business that was searching for the right product and business model for Product Market Fit. We had to come up with a way to grow the company.