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THE Company   

Zoofest is one of Quebec's biggest comedy festivals. It's organized by the most popular comedy event in the world, Just For Laughs and their goal is to be a springboard for emerging comedians.

The Challenge   

Zoofest has a very unique brand style and a younger image, but they were struggling to reach their target audience (18-35 years old). The proof is most of our friends in Montreal didn't know about them when we started working with them.

THE Solution   

  • Having worked with them for a few years, the strategy varies. But our goal was always to find marketing angles that would fit with their target demographic.
  • Through funny videos, memes, witty lines and expert copywriting, we managed to generate extremely positive reactions from the public and greatly improve ticket sales.
  • 70% engagement rate $0.10 cost per click
  • More than 8000 tickets sold
  • 800,000 impressions (per festival edition)
  • 60,000 interactions (per festival edition)

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