• Cost per registration: $0.48
  • 1400 new leads
  • ROAS 3X

Social Kick LLC

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This customer wanted to launch their products in the US and also collecting new followers for their social media accounts. They already had success on Kickstarter but no sales yet in their online store

The Process

  • We looked for the best strategy for these goals, finally, we decided it was a Giveaway
  • We created the Giveaway strategy, prizes, Copywriting, and design for their landing page
  • We created the Facebook Ads campaign, Copywriting, and video to send traffic for their landing page
  • Finally, we created a post giveaway email marketing strategy to start converting those leads

The Solution

  • Cost per registration: $0.48
  • 1400 new leads
  • ROAS 3X
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Branding,Email Marketing,Web Development,Web Development


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This was a legacy account take over from an existing agency. The existing agency was not running a "test and scale" structure and things were thrown all around the account. Creatives with tons of scale and signal were left out to dry, because they were buried in the account structure.


This brand used CM commerce for their email communications. I reviewed their existing flows in CM and rebuilt their improved emails within Klaviyo.

The client didn't have a lot of confirmed assets so I was able to utilize resources from their site and reviews section.



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