Return On Investment

$60,000 USD





Dorian Reeves

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Generating good ROI in a completely new market

MozArt had never done any social media advertising as they were selling exclusively on Amazon.?They wanted to create a real brand and a real community with their company so they decided to pursue the social media route.

We then had to expand the brand’s reach, popularity through video ad campaigns while maintaining good ROI.

The Process

The first thing we had in mind was viral content. We had to leverage the beautiful drawings and tutorials done with MozArt products. Utilizing these videos allowed us to warm up viewers to the product and create an optimized audience. Retargeting proved effective in that matter, as it generated around 80% of all sales. 

We embarked every viewer, from the first time they saw a video in a complex customer journey that always offered them different content to interact with. The brand gained quick following on social media in the artists community, all while keeping good ROI.

"We only started with a $900/mo budget for advertising, but results were so amazing we could scale ads quickly. After only 2 months, we were already spending north of $4000/mo." - Dorian Reeves

The Solution


Return On Investment

$60,000 USD




Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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