This lead to a 25% increase in revenue at the same ad cost.


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The Challenge

Nectar USA is a brand that is primarily retail in Las Vegas. Items are priced at the gift-shoppy price, and hence is challenging to acquire customers

The Process

We came in and did a rebrand focusing on the gifting side of things. Repackaged the items to get align with that, and create custom bundles to increase AOV. We also worked on increasing reorder rates to existing customers by creating more consistent offers that didn't just devalue the brand, but created more engagement. (Giveaways, limited offer bundles and more).

The Solution

This lead to a 25% increase in revenue at the same ad cost.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Branding,Email Marketing,CRO


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Determining the exact brand aesthetic, voice, and content cadence often takes some trial and error with clients. Generally, the sooner we can establish a workflow/rhythm with content conceptualization, creation, review, and revisions, the better the results.

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The client had the following challenges:

  1. Low email marketing revenues
  2. No email marketing strategy
  3. No optimization on the Klaviyo account
  4. Low repeat customers




They had acquisition campaigns but the ROAS wasn't satisfying



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When I took over the Google Ads account, the client was struggling to scale spend and grow ROAS.