Jessica S.

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The Challenge

Introduce a well established Italian cheese brand in a new market and culture where cheese making traditions go back thousands of years. While it may seem easy to catapult a cheese brand in a new market, Spain is a country very rooted to its cheese making, even though it is not a country known for it.

Working collaboratively with Nonno Nanni’s global marketing department, I helped successfully launched Nonno Nanni cheeses in Spain.

The Process

I developed an integrated communications campaign to create brand awareness and relatability to position the brand within the Spanish culture and cheese lovers.

Using data reports, I developed a marketing, communication and lead generation funnel strategy to direct its target audience to owned media. As well as, created action-based content focused on having an impact on the consumer’s personal needs. Through a Public Relations and Influencers campaigns, my team and I were able to create a solid base of brand awareness. Generating a push and pull dynamic between the target, the brand and the sales points.

The Solution

Skills Used

Public Relations,Social Media Management,Content Marketing,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Food & Drink

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