Ben D.

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The Challenge

I currently manage the entire Paislee's Closet digital strategy. Some of these include Facebook Marketing (100,000+/mo budget), Shopify Mgmt, Inventory system, SEO and more.

The market is super competitive so we spent a lot of time testing different ads and audiences until we were able to locate our ideal target customer.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Web Development,Marketing Strategy,Copywriting,Email Marketing


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More Case Study

Xtrema Cookware

Managed their Google Ads and Amazon ads accounts. Google performed well for them. We were able to drive revenue at about a 600-800% ROAS depending on seasonality. Toward the holidays, we could really ramp up and even see higher ROAS.

Overall, they were happy w/ performance but unfortunately had to cut budgets in late 2020 due to covid/supply chain issues.




They ran a few Facebook ads but never were consistent with the results of their marketing experience.



Walt Life

Walt Life is a fan-created Disney subscription box featuring officially licensed merchandise and items only found at the parks.


  • Current creative wasn’t scaling efficiently
  • Low engagement on ads
  • Remarketing was not converting even with discounts


  • I pitched the client on influencer whitelisted ads, which were an immediate success for us from both an engagement and conversion rate perspective.
  • Used our amazing influencer content to create high converting mash-up ads that created an emotional connection to the product



Taste Social

As a new app that hadn't done any advertising, Taste wanted to start generating downloads.