When we started campaign leads were coming in at $100+ CPL, we were able to reduce them to $10-$20 CPLs while painting x10 ROA.


Yael Z.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Park West is known for its art sales on U.S cruise ships. Thereafter lockdown they needed to pivot business into the online environment.

the strategy included full-funnel marketing on SEM, Social, & Programmatic. The Goal was to collect leads to sign on to their weekly online auction.

The Process

Crating a full-funnel multi-touch attribution program. Being in front of past purchases while adding massively new leads to the funnel. Using SEM, Social, & Programmatic to hermetically help PWG launch their new online business.

The Solution

When we started campaign leads were coming in at $100+ CPL, we were able to reduce them to $10-$20 CPLs while painting x10 ROA.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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Onto is establishing a new category in the 'electric car buying' space that is 'car subscriptions'. Rather than owning a car (and all associated costs), Onto offers a monthly flexible contract where all costs are included (including your charging). The challenge is that this breaks the normal assumptions of a driver and is a new way of having a car.

Our acquisition channels and ads need to explain this complex proposition into simple and easy to understand message as well as overcome the initial 'sticker shock'. Since we're all-inclusive, the monthly price is naturally higher than what consumers normally see on leasing deals.

As Head of Growth, I'm at the forefront of driving the acquisition strategy.

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  • Extremely competitive job market 
  • Shortage of qualified truck drivers
  • Noncompetitive offer in the job marketplace 
  • Unique customer persona with a specific skill set




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