Managed a budget of $100,000/month, and achieve a consistent CAC under $15. The initial campaigns before me were all around $60 CAC. This achievement took about 2-3 months.


The Challenge

I scaled the US, European and Canadian division via app-installs campaigns, on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok, from $0 to 6-figures/month. One of the initial challenges was that we had no creator content. For a money transfer app, establishing trust with users is key. So I put together influencer creative briefs and reduced CACs significantly.

The Process

I did the content planning for its social pages, and I also took ownership of the email marketing an influencer marketing. The influencer creatives were a big success. I ran UGC content for the performance & retargeting campaigns to drive app installs. These campaigns helped establish credibility, authority, trust and reduced the cost per acquisition drastically.

The Solution

Managed a budget of $100,000/month, and achieve a consistent CAC under $15. The initial campaigns before me were all around $60 CAC. This achievement took about 2-3 months.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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