1. Decrease CPA by 54%
  2. Decrease CPI by 75%
  3. Increase ROI by 1170% (compared to Facaebook)
  4. Increase in reach by 363%


Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Expand user acquisition activities beyond Facebook and Google

The Process

  1. Research new channels and identified TikTok
  2. Create a communication strategy that fits the channel
  3. Identify micro-influencers across different countries
  4. Create video creatives and implement a user acquisition strategy
  5. Optimize cost of acquisition
  6. Scale spending up to 6 digits a month

The Solution

  1. Decrease CPA by 54%
  2. Decrease CPI by 75%
  3. Increase ROI by 1170% (compared to Facaebook)
  4. Increase in reach by 363%
Skills Used



Art & Entertainment

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Small Screen Producer

Pam Vinje and Mike Isbell initially contacted me through UpWork to assist with some issues surrounding click fraud they were seeing on their accounts and needed advice on how to best handle it. I was able to work through the complex problems by researching what was happening and ultimately solving them with a 3rd party solution. As a result of how well it went, they asked me to review and help manage accounts for their business.