Scaled from $10k in ad spend to over $50k per month with a 2.5x ROAS


Drew Blumenthal

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Client wanted to both scale revenue and spend more. So I have been balancing spending more while increasing the budget.

The Process

Set target ROAS for Google to keep things balance and spend more on Facebook targeting lookalikes. They didn't use data-driven attribution so I changed the bidding strategy. I started then adding the keywords from the search terms report that were converting and pausing low performing keywords on a daily basis. I also recommended text overlay image ads on Facebook which did extremely well and helped increase the conversion rate.

The Solution

Scaled from $10k in ad spend to over $50k per month with a 2.5x ROAS

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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Developed & produced digital and lineal content during FIFA Brazil World Cup 2014 to increase a niche market viewer base.

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The Cognac category has one majority share category leader and a slew of brands fighting for their fair share. Courvoisier Cognac, once a massive player in the category has decided to throw it's hat in the ring and once again capture the hearts of the "Urban Culture Connoisseur". My work as Account Director grew the brand 400% vs the category with the launch of the Honor Your Code campaign and the TTL In Honor Of Your City Program.