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The Challenge

When they started their business they invested 4-5K per month to generate sales but did not succeed. They tried a couple of agencies to make it positive but did not succeed.

Their ROAS was 0.75 when we took over the project and main challenge was to keep ROAS 5+ which we were able to achieve.

The Process

We have been working on their Google ads where we set up Search, Shopping, and display campaigns for them with a strategy to increase the intense based traffic which helped them to get more sales.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Style & Fashion

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More Case Study


Paytient needed several customer journeys written and produced in a short amount of time. There were over 150 emails that needed to be created, edited, built and tested in less than six months.


  • CPO (Cost per order) was drastically increasing
  • Competition like Zomato had an upper hand
  • Hyperlocal targeting had very high CPA



Giving Masks

As an experienced marketer in the medical supplies space, we identified many challenges during COVID within sourcing quality face masks. Once we had access to quality masks we could actually deliver, it was a big challenge to market these masks, as most channels (Google, Facebook, Amazon) were banning masks from being advertised.




On any given day, I am to keep a team of more than 10 people from different countries, cultures and languages on-brand to deliver the message and the image that the company wishes to keep. The biggest challenge is keeping the brand message delivered in a consistent manner while ensuring that each different region feels addressed to directly, in a frank and sincere brand voice.