Over the course of 6 months, I doubled open, click-through, and sign-up rates and boosted engagement on the company's LinkedIn posts. And the marketing team "loved" my copy.

The Challenge

Reciprocity offers a GRC management, cybersecurity, and risk analysis platform for security and compliance teams. The company had a curated newsletter to promote its content and webinars. Key KPIs were open, click-through, and sign-up rates. The newsletter was performing poorly in all areas. Plus, its marketing team was unhappy with the old copywriter for emails, landing pages, and social media.

My challenge was to improve the performance of the key KPIs for all of these assets and client satisfaction with the copy.

The Process

My role was conversion copywriter. I leveraged training in conversion copywriting, direct response copywriting, demand generation, content marketing, and Literary Journalism to transform technical, informational content into snappy, engaging copy.

Changes included:

  • Writing shorter, punchier headlines and subject lines designed to peak curiosity and highlight benefits/outcomes
  • Opting for calls-to-value instead of calls-to-action where appropriate
  • Starting copy with a compelling lead and hook
  • Implementing direct response copywriting frameworks
  • Using voice-of-customer data for copy that sounds like the prospect
  • Sprinkling in facts, stats, and news for logical decision makers

The Solution

Over the course of 6 months, I doubled open, click-through, and sign-up rates and boosted engagement on the company's LinkedIn posts. And the marketing team "loved" my copy.

Skills Used




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