Earned multiple sell-out camps which the owner and talent were quite enthusiastic about.


Yousaf Y.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Generating a sales funnel where users purchase a unique rock experience with a high average order value: $5,500. This is unusually high, considering our total monthly budget was $3,000.

The Process

I went to work using the following methodology:

  • Identified high-end targets that were music-based and overlaid those to the top 25% of all household incomes
  • Negatively targets with low-income leaning (who would not be able to afford the high AOV)
  • Used a champion vs. challenger strategy with creative to identify top-performing assets
  • Utilized look-a-like within retargeting by including previous purchasers (CRM data) and high engages. Assigned a ranked value for each user to prioritize which users had a high AOV.

The Solution

Earned multiple sell-out camps which the owner and talent were quite enthusiastic about.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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Implement a new CRM system to create an omni-channel platform to talk to prospects and customers with a single voice.


The Good Ritual

The Good Ritual was looking to increase LTV and AOV by adding subscription options.



Simon Sinek

The Simon Sinek team brought me on to help them ramp up their online course offering on Simon Sinek's "InspireU" (https://simonsinek.com/InspireU#/).

We needed to scale up the ad program across social ad platforms, identify the profitability of the paid program at large, and figure out a better methodology for advertising dozens of courses at scale.

Trilogene Seeds

  • Drive cart sales through the website as well as phone calls and form fill leads
  • Manage Google Shopping campaigns and avoid/prevent issues with any google disapprovals in the CBD space