Assisted in the growth of the company from start-up to established brand.

Audrey M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

One challenging project was working on Rue La La’s exclusive “Madison Avenue” boutiques where vintage Chanel and other very high-end clothing and accessories were sold on our website. Some items were sold for upwards of $10K and they were final sale, unable to be returned. So, writing product descriptions that were accurate and extremely descriptive was imperative. I strengthened my attention-to-detail skill set in this role.

The Process

• Composed web-ready high-end product and travel destination copy in a fast-paced, creative environment

• Worked closely with event production and customer experience teams to provide accurate and thorough product descriptions for over seven million members

• Conveyed brands' unique products, technologies and voice in copy for a wide variety of top retailers

The Solution

Assisted in the growth of the company from start-up to established brand.

Skills Used

Copywriting,Content Marketing


Style & Fashion

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