47.3% Drop In Cost Per Lead

43 New Leads

8.88% Per Lead

No Limit Creatives

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The Challenge

Their goal was to lower their client’s cost per lead, increase brand awareness and generate new business for their client. A challenge they face often is not having enough creative from clients. And stock photos don’t usually cut it. With NLC, they have fresh creative (that always stands out in the newsfeed) and this helps prevent ad fatigue, drop CPL, and bring their clients great results!

The Process

They were running ads to generate leads for a dental equipment company that sells headlamps for doctors. They ran mostly static images, plus a few videos worked in from what assets the client provided them. Leads cost was averaging $16.85 per lead.

They had some video ads created by NLC, worked them into the rotation, and the winning video ad brought in 43 new leads at $8.88 per lead. The cost per lead dropped by 47.3%

The Solution

47.3% Drop In Cost Per Lead

43 New Leads

8.88% Per Lead

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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