I generated 6,000 waitlist signups at less than $5 cost per waitlist signup.


Lauren B.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Seashell is in the alternative banking space. Their product is a savings account where they convert clients' funds to stablecoin on the backend to generate a high interest rate. The company was preparing for launch and I was tasked with generating waitlist signups. I developed the strategy and implemented campaigns for Google, Instagram and Facebook. The challenge was finding the right audiences and the messaging that resonates with each audience.

The Process

I performed an audit of the website, all content that the team had created, conducted competitor research, and performed thorough research of the target audience. Based on this audit, I built an ad strategy including target personas which became the cornerstone of success for Seashell’s Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns. I wrote the ad copy, developed the creative strategy and then collaborated with the designer for image and video creation. I tested various creative until I identified the messaging and imagery that resonated with each audience.

The Solution

I generated 6,000 waitlist signups at less than $5 cost per waitlist signup.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,CRO,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Other



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Sauna Shapers

This customer needs to shoot all of their video and pics as well as design a sales funnel for Sauna Shapers that converted. They also hired us to design FB ads for their summer campaign.

Beija Flor Naturals

Beija Flor Naturals enlisted DIDO AGENCY to create a more consistent, frequent, and aligned communication strategy and expand their branding to their consumers’ inboxes.


Build the pillars and grow an end-to-end influencer program, leveraging an existing referral program and creating the basis for a new affiliate program. The main challenges of the projects were:

  1. Streamline and automate the entire process to increase efficiency and accommodate a high volume of influencers without missing bespoke opportunities
  2. As the company wanted to keep everything in-house, I've worked with developers and data scientists to create a personalised database and report.



Walt Life

Walt Life is a fan-created Disney subscription box featuring officially licensed merchandise and items only found at the parks.


  • Current creative wasn’t scaling efficiently
  • Low engagement on ads
  • Remarketing was not converting even with discounts


  • I pitched the client on influencer whitelisted ads, which were an immediate success for us from both an engagement and conversion rate perspective.
  • Used our amazing influencer content to create high converting mash-up ads that created an emotional connection to the product