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The Challenge

Seestarz is a growing fashion brand in Israel, as a marketing specialist i help the brand to set all their Email Marketing activity, starting from 0, now up to 50% of the revenue($175,000/month) as well their facebook activity and messaging & creative strategy(currently $30,000 ad spent/month). - All with reaching relevant KPI's.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Copywriting,Marketing Strategy,Email Marketing,Paid Ads


Style & Fashion

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More Case Study

The Dolly Llama

With the increasing demand for the brand and expanding, as a result of our marketing efforts, it's become challenging keeping up with the expansion to new locations around the country. We are now working on marketing calendars, new strategies, and incorporating all new locations into this to have a unified brand.




The client was looking to generate more leads but didn't have a dedicated landing page to capture the leads.



Crazy Compression

The Facebook Ads were failing when I took over this account and they weren't on Google Ads.



Mohonk Mountain House

the Brand was suffering YoY loses due to negative PR from years prior. A new head of marketing was brought in to overcome obstacles for the 125 year old hotel and increase revenues. Our challenge was to take over lackluster performance on digital and drive increased conversion rates, ROAS, and bottom line revenue.