Results included blogs and pages ranking on page one of Google and emails triggering record-breaking sales.

Auroriele H.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

SEO Savvy is a content marketing agency with clients in the education and financial services spaces. These clients needed content that ranked well in the search results and direct response copy that drove sales.

The Process

I used my extensive training, certifications, and experience in SEO to write blogs that ranked on the first page of Google for clients in the education space.

Tactics employed included:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page keyword optimization

For SEO Savvy's client in the financial services space, I utilized direct response copywriting tactics to write high-converting emails and landing pages. One email written in February 2020 drove more sales in one week than the entire month of February 2019.

Tactics employed included:

  • Direct response formulas and frameworks
  • Persuasion techniques (scarcity, urgency, FOMO, etc)
  • Short, curiosity-piquing subject lines and headlines

The Solution

Results included blogs and pages ranking on page one of Google and emails triggering record-breaking sales.

Skills Used




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More Case Study


Company Description

MassPay makes it simple to pay anyone, anywhere, any way they want. Servicing over 150 countries in 50+ currencies, MassPay tailors mass payouts to local preferences with the widest selection of payout methods available. 


One of MassPay's key value propositions is to help global companies enter emerging markets, particularly where payments can be tricky (e.g. Africa, South East Asia, Latin America). In many of these regions, payees do not have a bank account, or are underbanked.

We are looking to target executive level audiences (CEO, CFO, COO) who are ready to expand their company globally.


Belissimo is a cutting-edge hat brand based in the US that needed assistance growing its customer base and revenue as its main objective. These luxury hats are at a high price point so marketing to the correct consumer is crucial with a niche target market.



Center Coast Realty

Client lists homes and condos for sale in the Chicago area real estate market with Facebook Ads. Wanted to generate better qualified leads at a lower Cost Per Lead which ranged from $25 - $30 per lead.



Gourmet India

This was a brand new restaurant and they had zero online assets and no presence online, which for a restaurant means certain death. So they needed to get on the popular and more established platforms like Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram and we're currently working on an organic TikTok strategy to really blow up our exposure and the number of daily orders coming in.

I helped to create the website on WordPress and set up the foods they sell on WooCommerce so we could use that as a catalog to promote on Facebook, IG, Google Shopping, and other product awareness placements.

The main goal has been to generate customers for their lunch buffet and get exposure for dine-ins at night.