Conversion Value increased by 99.64%

ROAS increased by 108.63%

YoY revenue growth of 243.06%


The Peachy Company

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The Challenge

Septic Drainer is a product that clears drain blockages in septic systems. It's a powerful product that works in 90% of clogged systems.

The problem we faced was that the bulk of products on the market that claimed to solve the same problem had a poor reputation and consumer trust in such solutions was low. Further, nearly all of those products cost a fraction of the Septic Drainer product.

It was our job to build consumer trust while providing a sufficient ROAS to scale, using Google Ads. Previous agencies had not been able to achieve a sustainable return and so the company was never able to scale Google Ads as a channel.

The Process

We first built a landing page that made strong use of the customer video testimonials that Septic Drainer had garnered.

From there we built a targeting structure that would reach people in rural America who were likely to have Septic Systems.

With a clear account structure in place we researched keywords for several different types of campaigns, a) categorical terms, b) competitor terms, c) customer pain point terms, d) "how to" and similar terms.

Using Google (and Bing) Search we targeted these keywords with tightly organized campaigns and ad groups, funneling traffic to the appropriate landing pages built for that specific audience's awareness level.

We further built a remarketing campaign in Facebook to re-engage traffic coming from Google Ads, utilizing Facebook's capabilities for more in-depth ad copy and creative to educate prospects through the next funnel steps and build trust.

The Solution

Conversion Value increased by 99.64%

ROAS increased by 108.63%

YoY revenue growth of 243.06%

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Branding


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