• CTR: 6.29%
  • Cost per Lead: $1.45 (for a $139 product)
  • ROAS 4.77X
  • Email Open Rate: 55%
  • Email Conversion Rate: 3.5%

Social Kick LLC

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This brand started from 0 so we need to identify it will exist a market for it. Then if a market exist, we need to create a complete marketing strategy to start selling the product correctly

The Process

  • We began creating a landing page so people could opt-in to get a discount (testing interest)
  • We created the Facebook ads video, copywriting, and email campaign for this campaign
  • After we proved the product has an audience interested, we started with the purchase campaign
  • We created a new sales page, with new videos, benefits, etc
  • We also created all the graphic design, email marketing campaign, Facebook ads campaign, and copywriting

The Solution

  • CTR: 6.29%
  • Cost per Lead: $1.45 (for a $139 product)
  • ROAS 4.77X
  • Email Open Rate: 55%
  • Email Conversion Rate: 3.5%
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Copywriting,CRO,Branding,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Branding,Web Development,Web Development


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