All campaigns averaged a 325% ROAS which was a major success KPI for the client


Ananda P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This client has never run any paid media before so I had to develop the entire strategy and build out all the campaigns.

The Process

As their budget was limited, we created a two-step funnel for initial customer acquisition and remarketing.

The Solution

All campaigns averaged a 325% ROAS which was a major success KPI for the client

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Marketing Strategy


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Miami Beach Bum

Client was facing difficulties after the iOS 14.5 updates which impacted Facebook and Instagram ads.

Marshall, Gerstein and Borun LLC

I was able to convince the law firm, in conjunction with our website vendor, to launch a blog. I vetted the blog partner and worked closely with the team to get the blog up and running then managed it.

Xtrema Cookware

Managed their Google Ads and Amazon ads accounts. Google performed well for them. We were able to drive revenue at about a 600-800% ROAS depending on seasonality. Toward the holidays, we could really ramp up and even see higher ROAS.

Overall, they were happy w/ performance but unfortunately had to cut budgets in late 2020 due to covid/supply chain issues.

The Open

Create a new digital platform for the oldest golf tournament for 2019 event