Jessica S.

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The Challenge

I was hired as a PR Specialist to launch Síragon, a technology and software brand in the US & LATAM. I developed a communications and marketing strategy, having a successful media outreach. I worked with them in their CES stand and performed all day interviews with tech trade magazines and networks.

My project was a year-long project in which I then trained their staff to continue on promoting the brand based on the marketing strategy.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Public Relations,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study




Gruvtowl (Groove-Towel)  was a new product entering a golfing market full of big, established brands. The product (a golf towel with integrated brush) was innovative and well designed, but entering a category with no direct competitor meant there was no established product to pitch against.

The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment.


Client lost rankings to WebMD and other competitor pest control companies. Much of this was due to the website being slow, content which is not updated, and other issues.



Nesting Olive

The client wanted to get a ROAS above 2 with a limited monthly budget.



Happy Endings

It has never been advertised on google before, so we had very little data.

Over 3.000 products.

Very Niche