• Managed all conversion marketing campaigns resulting in a growth of 0.5 percentage points in conversion rate

Zante Consulting I.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Increase conversions from free users to paid users

The Process

  • Working closely with demand generation team to create a seamless pass off from lead generation experience to onboarding/customer success
  • Strategizing and building conversion email campaigns to newly generated leads (free sign ups) through promotions
  • Created onboarding marketing automation flows through Active Campaign
  • Working closely with customer support team to build out customer success team
  • Built onboarding materials such as customer online courses to support product adoption

The Solution

  • Managed all conversion marketing campaigns resulting in a growth of 0.5 percentage points in conversion rate
Skills Used

Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study


The tax industry is extremely seasonal between January and April. You are selling a service people generally don't like doing, taxes, that they only want to think about once a year. TaxAct was a top 3 player in the space for online tax filers and I was tasked with optimizing Paid Search and eventually managing all other digital channels to optimize spend. Helping craft budgets, marketing plans, and execution was my duties while employed there.




This was a legacy account take over from an existing agency. The existing agency was not running a "test and scale" structure and things were thrown all around the account. Creatives with tons of scale and signal were left out to dry, because they were buried in the account structure.


OptionsSwing is an investment education company teaching investors how to make money through stock options trading and other stock investments. I advise their Director of Marketing, Warwick Gorman, on social media strategies to increase brand awareness and member subscription rates.

Skin Touch Therapy

I provided social media management and email marketing for this client. We worked on brand awareness and took a very product/ service based approach to the marketing strategy since the main goal was to get people to book a service to come into the spa. In the spa and online we push products we knew those customers were loved. We had great success with my social media and email marketing assistance!