This brand has seen an average ROAS of 250% which is well in its zone of profitability.


Equa Social

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The Challenge

The Canadian skin care brand wanted to improve their sales and conversions using social media advertising.

The Process

We built our 3-stage Facebook and Instagram funnel with a top-level focus on User Generated Content (UGCs). We sent the client a guide on how to build effective UGC's that we retargetted.

The Solution

This brand has seen an average ROAS of 250% which is well in its zone of profitability.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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Zeeva Behavioral Health

We started a practice from scratch, and didn't have many insurance contracts. I built a high converting website, wrote sales scripting to close prospects (and much more).

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The brand was new to social media marketing and needed help with social media posts and Facebook ads.




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Deel is a San Francisco-based financial tech startup. They received both Series A and Series B funding in 2020 and were looking for a paid acquisition marketer to help them reach their lofty growth goals.

Deel was looking for someone to rapidly implement and scale a five-figure monthly media budget across 5 different ad platforms. The goals were to acquire new leads to book demo calls with the sales teams, and also drive paid software signups through the website.

Deel is operating in a totally new and innovative financial space. They needed someone who could dive deep into paid acquisition analytics, but also consult on the best creative angles to speak to potential Deel prospects.