On average, 55% YoY growth 

4x ROAS through Facebook ads

6.5x ROAS through Google Ads 

8x ROAS through Amazon Ads

Jamie S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Stackers wanted to move from a B2B to a D2C first brand. I was tasked with building this from the ground up.

The Process

Between 2016 and 2021, I built and grew Stackers to a multi-million-pound D2C brand both direct and through Amazon. Utilising performance channels, including; Facebook ads, Google ads and Amazon ads, alongside content, email and referral/loyalty channels.

The Solution

On average, 55% YoY growth 

4x ROAS through Facebook ads

6.5x ROAS through Google Ads 

8x ROAS through Amazon Ads

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,CRO,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy


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I was the head of performance marketing for Bloomberg Media. I led all of our advertising, from determining our budget, electing creative and overseeing external and internal execution. During my time at Bloomberg we grew yearly revenue from $4M to $100M in 3 years.



Bark Square

Bark Square is an indoor dog park offering dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services. The brand approached us three weeks before launch, asking to make an impact in the community and generate a significant number of leads to reach their business plan objective in their opening quarter.

With the grand opening date nearing, we quickly began studying their business plan to identify which services would yield the best results when tied with digital advertising. We implemented lead generation campaigns across Google and Facebook to reach the surrounding community. We created captivating video/image ads, designed high converting landing pages, and tested various audiences on Facebook while targeting high intent search queries on Google. 

Our client was able to generate over 100+ leads every month while reaching thousands in the surrounding county. In addition, their client acquisition process continues to improve, and they are on track to achieving the 7-figure mark.




They wanted us to increase their digital marketing presence, engagement & results.


"ClickCease™ will track each and every click on your search network, display and shopping campaigns. Taking into account IP and IP range, unique device, VPN, your unique settings and more."

We help ClickCease with their CRO efforts and struggles on order to improve the flow and provide more detailed info!