We were able to increase CVR by upwards of 35% test over test in Facebook channels.

Ashna R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

They offer a unique product that the world isn't familiar with. Explaining the science behind the product in addition to providing competitive differntiators were very important.

The Process

I was the lead CRO manager for the client and lead weekly meetings and CRO strategy. Our specific focus were landing pages tailored to advertising channels PrettyLitter was expanding into (pinterest, facebook, affiliate, etc.). After identifying USPs, I creatively worked through the website to understand what information was missing in the flow and then leveraged landing pages to address this information. In addition, since the product is a subscription, we had to pay special emphasis on convenience and ease of use of the product. Science + Ease of Use copy ended up being our winning formula that we were able to replicate and apply across multiple channels.

The Solution

We were able to increase CVR by upwards of 35% test over test in Facebook channels.

Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,CRO



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