• +10% total sales YoY
  • Cost of Sale reduced from 22% to 8% (then reinvested up to 14%)
  • +15% New-to-brand orders from ads YoY

Max L.

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The Challenge

  • Took over the Amazon PPC management of this brand in November '21
  • Previous marketing spend equated to 22% of total revenue
  • Business owner had hired an agency who had ramped up spend dramatically with very little impact on sales. This spend was primarily directed towards own-brand terms and high CPC, inefficient
  • The brand relied on a large subscriber count (40% of all orders), and subscription orders had begun to drop

The Process

  • Brand-term keyword targeting and defensive product targeting led to a great deal of cannibalisation (paying for sales that would have come in anyway). This was minimised but not completely cut out
  • PPC spend as a % of revenue dropped from 22% to 8%. The budget was then increased back up to around 14%, with the main investment focus being to rank for high volume keywords and increase the products reach to new users

The Solution

  • +10% total sales YoY
  • Cost of Sale reduced from 22% to 8% (then reinvested up to 14%)
  • +15% New-to-brand orders from ads YoY
Skills Used

Paid Ads


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