• +10% total sales YoY
  • Cost of Sale reduced from 22% to 8% (then reinvested up to 14%)
  • +15% New-to-brand orders from ads YoY

Max L.

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The Challenge

  • Took over the Amazon PPC management of this brand in November '21
  • Previous marketing spend equated to 22% of total revenue
  • Business owner had hired an agency who had ramped up spend dramatically with very little impact on sales. This spend was primarily directed towards own-brand terms and high CPC, inefficient
  • The brand relied on a large subscriber count (40% of all orders), and subscription orders had begun to drop

The Process

  • Brand-term keyword targeting and defensive product targeting led to a great deal of cannibalisation (paying for sales that would have come in anyway). This was minimised but not completely cut out
  • PPC spend as a % of revenue dropped from 22% to 8%. The budget was then increased back up to around 14%, with the main investment focus being to rank for high volume keywords and increase the products reach to new users

The Solution

  • +10% total sales YoY
  • Cost of Sale reduced from 22% to 8% (then reinvested up to 14%)
  • +15% New-to-brand orders from ads YoY
Skills Used

Paid Ads


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Brendon worked with Beachbody & Openfit to handle a high demand increase caused from pandemic shutdowns. The companies app & web based services were in high demand and Google, Bing and display were poorly managed but spending 7 figures/month. Youtube had also been a failed initiative but needed revisited.

Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank credit card is designed for people who are trying to rebuild their bad credit and people starting out and trying to build credit. Credit One was not a well-known consumer brand, the challenge was two-fold, One, to educate the consumer who Credit One was, and two, inform the consumer that while most credit card companies asked for too much information (TMI) when you apply for their card, Credit One only asked a few.



Picard Studio

The challenge for this project was that the client has never ran any ads on social and had no prior data to leverage. The client also didn't know if there was a market for his product on social.




Calian is a large B2B/B2G professional services company, publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. When I started with Calian in early 2019, they had a Drupal 7 website that had been somewhat neglected and had technical issues, and the design and content were overall unimpressive, and not representative of a strong brand with an umbrella of highly specialized solutions. They were also lacking a social media strategy, appropriate analytics tracking, marketing automation and a modern CRM solution.