We turned an unprofitable account into a profitable one.


Alesandro P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Over 5.000 Products, with very auto-segmented & underperforming accounts. No strategy behind it, just automatic Software created campaigns.

The Process

Analyzing the previous data & Campaigns. Reorganizing the campaigns based on data. Working On the Pmax campaigns to increase performance. Reduce over-segmentation and filter negative KW.

The Solution

We turned an unprofitable account into a profitable one.

Skills Used

Google Shopping,Paid Ads


Automotive & Transportation

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Increase property evaluation leads

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Revamping their entire online brand identity and reaching an entirely new audience on social media.




A very vague search behavior by the persona makes it harder to get super targeted with the keywords we use, so we had to get creative with how we qualified the lead on every step of the funnel. There are also tight margins with the trucks that we buy and sell.

Byron Bay Gifts

Byron Bay Gifts is a leading Australian hamper delivery company specialising in gift hampers containing organic and natural products from the Byron Bay region.

While they had achieved exceptional growth from strong word of mouth and highly profitable Google Ads campaigns, they were looking for additional acquisition channels like SEO to add to their marketing mix and take them to the next level.