We turned an unprofitable account into a profitable one.


Alesandro P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Over 5.000 Products, with very auto-segmented & underperforming accounts. No strategy behind it, just automatic Software created campaigns.

The Process

Analyzing the previous data & Campaigns. Reorganizing the campaigns based on data. Working On the Pmax campaigns to increase performance. Reduce over-segmentation and filter negative KW.

The Solution

We turned an unprofitable account into a profitable one.

Skills Used

Google Shopping,Paid Ads


Automotive & Transportation

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Sparrow is a science-based subscription service that condenses the latest science insights in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner.

At the time Sparrow was an early stage business that was searching for the right product and business model for Product Market Fit. We had to come up with a way to grow the company.

Troya Beauty

  • Break-even ROAS = 5.7

This is a fairly young business that the client started in this spring, so reaching a proper sales volume was part of the strategy as well.

Matcha Outlet

This e-commerce based Matcha powder company boasts the largest collection of Matcha anywhere. Though their profit margins were consistently solid prior to using DIDO AGENCY, they weren’t leveraging their network of past-buyers to the fullest extent. Matcha Outlet realized it needed to optimize marketing efforts to stay in touch with consumers between purchases.