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The Challenge

This brand a new startup, and they wanted the scale of their Google Ads. The brand is well known, but they wanted to acquire new customers with Paid Search.

The Process

The Google Shopping campaign was a SMART campaign and couldn't scale it as Google takes control over the campaign. Switched it to the Google Standard Shopping campaign and split it into ad groups by product type. Split into a brand shopping campaign and generic shopping campaign to improve performance. Set up a bid strategy that helped to improve performance and lowered the CPA and increased the ROAS.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping



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More Case Study



Talent Hack

Talent Hack is building a platform for fitness professionals to give the tools to succeed in their online business. They started off as a job board. I met them a year ago and audited their account and found a lot of issues and subsequently took over as their part time growth lead from an agency and turned performance around with 2 weeks.




Gruvtowl (Groove-Towel)  was a new product entering a golfing market full of big, established brands. The product (a golf towel with integrated brush) was innovative and well designed, but entering a category with no direct competitor meant there was no established product to pitch against.

The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment.



Compton Builders

Redevelopment of website and tracking implementation to prepare for digital advertising.



Rivali Park

Rivali Park’s is an internationally renowned design and architecture firm. The main

task was to increase brand awareness and reduce cost per lead, as well as attract new customers by using retargeting.