Kelsey D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Beating out the less expensive, lower quality competition.

The Process

I ran Google Ads for the company to increase both awareness and lead generation. The goal was to keep CPC low while also finding a good balance in CPA against the large budget completion, such as Floor & Decor and Home Depot services.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Home & Garden

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More Case Study


Develop a new loyalty program to increase customers moving from first to second purchase as well long-term retention.



Physio Extra

They were looking for someone to take care of their social media and paid advertising strategy.


  • Existing agency underperforming
  • Transition to in-house marketing team
  • High CPA and Low Conversion Rate

Vita Cup

Vita Cup was looking for a team to support their in-house designers and create a higher output of creatives on a regular basis. We have worked with Vita Cup for years on both graphics and videos, primarily for advertising pieces, to help them scale quicker and stay on brand along the way.