• Increased click rate by 4%
  • Increased campaign revenue by $60k in Q4 2020
  • Created and strategized one campaign that did $32k alone

Jeffrey L.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This brand had a large customer database but had trouble scaling their Klaviyo account.

The Process

I worked with the owner to create a full campaign and automation strategy to nurture repeat buyers and honor their best customers with different email messages, such as how-to videos, blog posts, product focuses, and sales.

The Solution

  • Increased click rate by 4%
  • Increased campaign revenue by $60k in Q4 2020
  • Created and strategized one campaign that did $32k alone
Skills Used

Email Marketing,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy,SMS Marketing


Automotive & Transportation

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More Case Study


The client organizes fun tournaments for college students around the US.

Their eCommerce store showcases various apparel products they sell to raise funds and support their operation. They asked us to build their automated email marketing flows from scratch and had ZERO revenue from email.


  1. Starting From Scratch: No reference to what exactly the client wanted.
  2. No Clarity: The client has still not refined their messaging.
  3. Fun & Entertaining: Copy has to be fun and entertaining to match the brand.



Heel Free

The main challenge and barrier were to turn a powerful offline process into an almost entirely self-service one. After many studies, we have seen that the public is familiar with the old way of measuring and physically reaching the store. some say it's a breakthrough in the online medical e-com industry. 


Revenue in 60 days


pk24 faces unique challenges as the product is a vagina tightening cream and has been around since 2005. Due to the product type, you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook and no remarketing to site visitors on Google due to prohibited product types.

The website was old and did not convert well so we put an entire strategy in place starting with improving the conversion rate with a new Shopify template with well-written content that speaks to the target audience.



Pagani Beverly Hills

As an exotic car brand from Italy that wasn't Ferrari or Lamborghini, there wasn't too much brand recognition here in the US for Pagani. Additionally, there wasn't any awareness for the new dealership that had only recently opened its doors. As such, the website wasn't gaining any traction before we took on the challenge.