Aaron C.

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The Challenge

The Peach Truck, a peach subscription and retail company, was expanding and had never run Google Ads campaigns other than brand related keywords. They hired me to develop and implement a plan.

The Process

After setting up tracking pixels and defining conversions properly, I created a plan around implementing search, Google shopping, and display. I started with the basics of search, doing keyword research and building out campaigns and adgroups. I then connected their Shopify platform to Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping, despite significant shipping rate challenges. I then moved on to display and YouTube and implemented remarketing and prospecting campaigns. All of these programs used automated bidding strategies using ROAS targets. Since the program needed little more than occasional maintenance due to a stable product offering, I handed off everything to an internal employee to take over.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads,Google Shopping


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More Case Study

Dwell Studio

DwellStudio was a growing home lifestyle brand. However the team was stretched thin and focused on too many channels which was effecting both growth, inventory and resources.



The Sales Consultancy

  • No Channels had yet been activated and there was no consistent source of leads for this ultra-high-ticket service. Literally starting on 0.

Marvel x Hulu

Create a successful launch campaign for Hulu's latest tv show collaboration with Marvel.


  • To begin, we did a comprehensive needs analysis - uncovering which pages would need to be added, and how we could structure the site so the team could continue to iterate on it.

  • Next, we began devising the design system - how would the visual identity of the brand evolve to reflect this new direction?

  • Finally, with these assets in hand - we planned out the entire sitemap and URL structure, so everyone knew what the final site would entail. From there, we were off to the races!