Their CPL decreased to $20 for cold checkouts from Pinterest Ads.


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The Challenge

When Transformation Factory came to our team they were looking to diversify their Ad efforts. Their team had scaled the business through Facebook and Instagram Ads, but were ready to diversify sales and traffic channels.

Our team used Pinterest as a top-of-funnel traffic source for the first 30 days. Since Transformation Factory was already running large campaigns on other channels, it made sense to drive additional traffic to their already high converting campaigns. After 45 days we shifted our strategy to add in retargeting campaigns on Pinterest.

Below is the data from running top-of-funnel ads and retargeting campaigns inside of Pinterest over a 30 day time period.

Revenue: Increased by 1,071%

Page Visits: Increased by 349%

Add to Cart: 1,364%

Checkouts: 963%

AOV: 10%

Purchasers: 904%

The Process

Our team optimized their account, created optimized organic content and are currently running full funnel campaigns on Pinterest.

The Solution

Their CPL decreased to $20 for cold checkouts from Pinterest Ads.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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