Over the time working together we were able to help grow the amount of keywords the site ranked for and organic traffic!

The Challenge

Tuft and Needle wanted to gain a bigger online presence and drive more high funnel traffic to their site in order to increase overall conversions. They needed help making sure their site was crawlable and indexable by search engines, determining what keywords to target to drive the right audience to their site, running the SEO research and creating highly optimized content.

They also needed helping building authority to their site through off-page SEO and backlink acquisition.

The Process

We started our work together by running a technical SEO analysis of the site and cleaning up any issues that was preventing them from being indexed or crawled by search engines. This set the foundation of their SEO and made it so all the other efforts we were making would be able to work without any internal site issues (page status codes, broken links, rel=canonical issues, robots.txt file, etc.).

We then setup correct tracking of their site through Google Analytics to ensure that we were able to see the progress we were making and ran a complete Google Analytics and Search Console Audit of the site.

Next we ran keyword research to isolate the best keywords to optimize their existing low funnel products pages for and higher funnel keywords to create new blog content towards. We made sure that all keywords matched their personas so they would bring in a highly qualified audience to the site.

Once the keyword research was complete we ran the appropriate SEO audits for each keyword we were focusing on (SERP Analysis, Competitor analysis) to determine exactly what we needed to do when creating the content to be competitive from an SEO standpoint.

We then created the content or made changes to existing content using our highly skilled content writing team!

Once the content was pushed live we began our off page SEO process of building backlinks to our target pages. This process helps Google (and other search engines) see our target pages as being not only relevant but authoritative which boosts rankings.

The Solution

Over the time working together we were able to help grow the amount of keywords the site ranked for and organic traffic!

Skills Used

SEO,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Health & Wellness

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Goodfair is an online recycled clothing retailer focused on reversing the negative effects of consumerism. Unlike ThredUp or a normal thrift store, customers purchase "product categories or bundles" and are sent an eclectic mix of items adding a mystery element to the experience.


  • Often sold out of in-demand product categories, making it hard to scale top-performing ads
  • Didn't have a consistent stream of new content
  • Always had an abundance of low-converting product categories that they wanted to push


  • Immediately created evergreen ad content that converted well and was scalable since it wasn't tied to a specific product
  • Worked with the client on an influencer outreach plan to build up their asset library—used this content to create eye-catching videos that focused on the styling of the products, while also highlighting Goodfair's mission
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Improved online revenue

On One Studios

The Challenge of of Startup Growth

What’s good for the user is good for search. The biggest challenge of the SEO audit for On One Studios (and all companies) is maintaining a customer-focused approach when optimizing.

Every action in the audit must answer the question: how does this help the user on your website? Each tweak needed to embody the core drive of the company.

We came up with a human-centric SEO strategy to guide my approach. The web audit was designed to address three critical issues:

Understanding the company’s core value proposition and drive.

Great tactics mean nothing without a proper guiding strategy. Before I started any optimization, I spoke with management on what constituted the company’s core drives. By understanding their unique selling proposition, I could write copy that reflected their goals.

Addressing website architecture problems with user-centric best practices.

The website needed to make sense to customers. From URL structure to homepage navigation, I needed to make sure each click on the website made it easy to get to a sale.

Identify competitor SEO strategies to implement off-page SEO tactics.

A key pillar of getting a site to rank is the number of backlinks pointing to it. I needed to create a comprehensive, white hat backlink strategy to boost the site’s domain authority. By looking at who our competitors were linked (and linking to), I got a sense of the types of backlinks I was looking for.


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