• Consistent 8x ROAS on Social up to 30x ROAS
  • 6x ROAS on Google
  • Under $15 CPA on social 
  • 277% Increase in search traffic

Sergio G. F.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  1. Popular products were often sold out and would take a while to get inventory back in stock.
  2. Had no prior data from paid advertising 
  3. Educating people about new car parts 

The Process

I am in charge of the overall paid media strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

They had a good amount of organic traffic going to their site, so I decided to start off with a dynamic retargeting campaign for both Facebook and Instagram. Then I started to implement a marketing funnel strategy, where I created Top, middle, and bottom of the funnel campaigns. I created two top of the funnel campaigns, one was to get page engagement and likes, the second was to drive traffic to a featured customer blog post. The middle of the funnel showed popular products targeting people that have engaged with their content and also added lookalike audiences in here. The bottom of the funnel is remarketing people that have been to the site or viewed certain products. 

Google Shopping Ads

I created a Google shopping campaign where I broke it down to a few ad groups with each promoting a certain product category to start off with and then create campaigns with the top performing products.

The Solution

  • Consistent 8x ROAS on Social up to 30x ROAS
  • 6x ROAS on Google
  • Under $15 CPA on social 
  • 277% Increase in search traffic
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Marketing Strategy


Automotive & Transportation

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More Case Study


iKippahs brand is a DTC premium fashion brand with a small finite audience.

They had a small budget to get ROI positive.

Lots of competition in the space.



Integrated Listening Systems

We started collaborating in 2017 when the client started looking for ways to engage and connect with a vast direct-to-consumer audience of individuals suffering from developmental and learning disorders or psychological traumas and their family members.

Because of the climate of the industry, many potential leads were wary of medical claims and were looking for evidence of efficacy.




I worked with Econologics to help them acquire leads for their financial advisory firm to medical practice owners. They had a solid source of organic leads but their marketing team was lost in terms of how to leverage paid media to get new clients. After our initial consult, I formulated a two channel approach on Google and Linkedin to drive their segmented audiences to unique landing pages for webinar signups. After iterating multiple approaches over the course of several months, we were able to create a consistent stream of qualified registrations at a CPA that the team was excited about.


The RootsTech conference is the largest genealogy conference in the world. For the first 10 years, the conference was held in Salt Lake City, UT as an in-person conference with only 40k attendees. When the pandemic hit, the challenge was how to take an in-person conference, make it virtual and expand the global footprint of the business.