• Consistent 8x ROAS on Social up to 30x ROAS
  • 6x ROAS on Google
  • Under $15 CPA on social 
  • 277% Increase in search traffic

Sergio G. F.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  1. Popular products were often sold out and would take a while to get inventory back in stock.
  2. Had no prior data from paid advertising 
  3. Educating people about new car parts 

The Process

I am in charge of the overall paid media strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

They had a good amount of organic traffic going to their site, so I decided to start off with a dynamic retargeting campaign for both Facebook and Instagram. Then I started to implement a marketing funnel strategy, where I created Top, middle, and bottom of the funnel campaigns. I created two top of the funnel campaigns, one was to get page engagement and likes, the second was to drive traffic to a featured customer blog post. The middle of the funnel showed popular products targeting people that have engaged with their content and also added lookalike audiences in here. The bottom of the funnel is remarketing people that have been to the site or viewed certain products. 

Google Shopping Ads

I created a Google shopping campaign where I broke it down to a few ad groups with each promoting a certain product category to start off with and then create campaigns with the top performing products.

The Solution

  • Consistent 8x ROAS on Social up to 30x ROAS
  • 6x ROAS on Google
  • Under $15 CPA on social 
  • 277% Increase in search traffic
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Marketing Strategy


Automotive & Transportation

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More Case Study

Vita Cup

Vita Cup was looking for a team to support their in-house designers and create a higher output of creatives on a regular basis. We have worked with Vita Cup for years on both graphics and videos, primarily for advertising pieces, to help them scale quicker and stay on brand along the way.

Sight Diagnostic

I was tasked with designing and writing and editing new pages for their website, brochure, exhibition booths, and other marketing materials. The challenge was to start writing more details about the technology behind their medical device as they were now allowed to release the patent details.



Gourmet India

This was a brand new restaurant and they had zero online assets and no presence online, which for a restaurant means certain death. So they needed to get on the popular and more established platforms like Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram and we're currently working on an organic TikTok strategy to really blow up our exposure and the number of daily orders coming in.

I helped to create the website on WordPress and set up the foods they sell on WooCommerce so we could use that as a catalog to promote on Facebook, IG, Google Shopping, and other product awareness placements.

The main goal has been to generate customers for their lunch buffet and get exposure for dine-ins at night.



Periodic Audio

Our Facebook ads strategy was centred around standing out in the market. We created several UGC compilation videos that showcased the product and featured several testimonials from YouTube audio experts. 

The creative was fun, very quirky and showcased the brands unique personality.