Increased web traffic and leads.

Mieke Ola Jansen

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Increase property evaluation leads

The Process

Developed and implemented marketing strategy for SEO and PPC as well as website optimizations.

The Solution

Increased web traffic and leads.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,SEO,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Real Estate

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Razberry Kids

Build an online store and social media and online community that in turn, turns into online customers.


CoinBits needed help with their overall branding and marketing content.



Shade Cloth Store

Combine two websites into one, and consolidate market leadership position with brand.



Otto Living

The condo developer wanted to quickly sell a condo project in Victoria, BC. We were on the content team and the performance marketing team to increase visibility and desire in a highly competitive market.

The client had a small sales team, so we created efficient systems and utilized automation to turn the small sales staff into a sales force by leveraging their energy on ready-to-buy prospects.