We scaled the business investment from $2k to $13K per month all while maintaining over a 12X ROAS


Ben M.

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The Challenge

The challenge with this client was to scale the media spend whilst maintaining a ROAS above 12X.

The Process

This was done through advertising multiple product lines with a funnel for each product line. All while making the most of all website and business assets. I was able to find creative ways to maximise the use of the content that was made available to me.

Ad copy, audience, lookalike and interest tests were run with a ton of different ads were tested and winners were cycled through to ensure a strong CTR, a beautiful user experience and a ROAS above 12x.

The Solution

We scaled the business investment from $2k to $13K per month all while maintaining over a 12X ROAS

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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Crossnet is a revolutionary four-way volleyball game. I started advertising for Crossnet on Facebook and Instagram right before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. As nationwide lockdowns began, the product started selling quickly. Pretty soon the product went on backorder which caused shipping delays, which ultimately affected ad performance. I worked with the Crossnet team and Facebook to make sure complaints about shipping didn't affect delivery and performance, and ensured that ads and the website had ample warning of shipping delays due to the pandemic.




They wanted us to increase their digital marketing presence, engagement & results.


AEJuice operates in the unique space of video-editing. As a result, most of their consumers have a common passtime and passion -- creating. AEJuice is an established platform that puts a lot of effort in educating and spreading editing knowledge, but many consumers weren’t aware of these additional ways to connect.



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