Client is achieving sales at average cost of $5 or less, which is profitable for the niche


John H.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Setup initial digital ads for this client

The Process

Product data updates, Google Merchant Center setup, and Google Ads setup using local inventory ads and shopping ads

The Solution

Client is achieving sales at average cost of $5 or less, which is profitable for the niche

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Marketing Strategy,Web Development


Food & Drink

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Woulvestuff reached out to us because they were trying to find a better way to use their existing chatbot. The store had a chatbot referring customers to the website from Facebook and inviting people to join a mailing list, according to the client, that list is responsible for 40% of the sites income.

the main challenge was that the client wanted to use the same chatbot for the website and Facebook, we had to do something that will provide a reason for new and returned users to engage with the chatbot and give their emails to join the community.

Selini New York

Prior to working with DIDO AGENCY, their profit margins were typically strong, but they weren't fully utilizing their network of previous buyers. Selini New York discovered that in order to stay in touch with customers between transactions, it needed to improve its marketing efforts.




Monq was looking to scale spend on FB and IG which was their primary customer acquisition channel.

Ingalls Information Security

Develop website and implement tracking to measure performance