Users: Increase of 181.6%

Bounce Rate: Decrease of 42%

CPL Average: <$14.00

Expansion from 11 to 17 locations

Achieved first SEO results for 40+ keywords


Abel P.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

A physical therapy clinic located in South Florida who had the following challenges:

  • Reliant strictly on referrals with little to no success digitally
  • Looking to rapidly expand locations but cannot do it off of referrals only
  • Minimal SEO & Digital presence
  • Slow and clunky website
  • Many locations and services causing priority issues
  • Locally competitive industry
  • No previous digital efforts
  • Highly compliant industry

The Process

I am the Account Director for this project and manage and all facets of digital marketing and supervising the team on this project.

Our Focus and Process:

  • Organize all services by location while establishing goals and KPI's
  • Re build the website to enhance customer experience and SEO presence
  • Build short and long term SEO strategies
  • Establish a digital marketing strategy for new location openings
  • Ensure all advertising efforts reach Google compliance standards
  • Build a process between sales and lead registration
  • Automate contact and lead capture process
  • Establish Email workflow

The Solution

Users: Increase of 181.6%

Bounce Rate: Decrease of 42%

CPL Average: <$14.00

Expansion from 11 to 17 locations

Achieved first SEO results for 40+ keywords

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Web Development,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Branding,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy,Web Development,Web Development,Web Development,Branding,SEO,Other


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