Adrian B.

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The Challenge

I helped PayByPhone users (subsidiary of VWFS focused on parking and mobility) increase their email conversions by 200%.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Email Marketing,Other



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More Case Study



American Atelier

American Atelier came to me seeking to push sales. They were running a unusual strategy of looking for low cost bids as a means to keep ACOS low but they were missing on potential sales with low impressions built on a strategy based not on winning but saving money.

Eva Metal Art

Small list, no email marketing at all

Dine en blanc

introduce event to madrid for the first time, 2 years n a row

Volta Beting

Create a campaign to highlight their impact on the recycling industry and create an awareness campaign for lead generation. The challenge was to illustrate the urgency of switching their belting technology that is more aligned with the recycling industry's goals.