4artworks was able to scale their E-commerce store well into the six figures with continued growth.


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The Challenge

4artworks, a home decor brand, was looking to sell to consumers directly through their E-commerce store. They had some sales coming in every month, but nothing significant seemed to be happening with their existing efforts at the time.

We used Facebook and Instagram ads to scale their e-commerce store revenue to drive traffic and increase monthly orders. Our goal was to create captivating creative that showcased the artwork while identifying winning audiences for better conversions and refining the checkout process for a seamless user experience. 

We created captivating ads, used engaging copy for both platforms, and found suitable audience targets that could help them achieve higher conversion rates among potential customers.

Results, our team scaled the ecommerce storefront from a few thousand per year to six figures in revenue with continued growth. 

The Process

We first identified the brand's best sellers on their various sales channels. Once we identified the products that we felt would deliver the best results based on existing data, our team developed a media plan and a creative brief for the paid advertising campaign on Facebook & Instagram. We created an ad sequence to target users at the different stages of the buying process while testing various buyer personas, ad creative, and audiences. Before the campaign launch, we made sure tools needed to capture valuable data were in place to make sure we could adequately monitor results and improve marketing efforts.

Skills used:

  • Facebook & Instagram ad strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Copywriting

The Solution

4artworks was able to scale their E-commerce store well into the six figures with continued growth.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Branding


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