Revenue growth 30% YoY, website conversion went from 2.4% to 3.7%, AOV grew by $15 YoY. 


Yael Z.

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The Challenge

W3ll People were a well-established retail brand selling their products via stores like Ulta, Whole Foods etc.

One of the challenges was to expand beyond their audience group 35-50 into the 18-30 age group while being profitable.

At the end of the campaigns, the company was acquired by Elf Cosmetics.

The Process

  • Increased & segmented digital stamp across social, sem & programmatic products. 
  • Segmented landing pages in accordance to persona's demo > matched creative (omnichannel)with landing pages for brand continuity. 
  • Created a full-funnel approach with segmented retargeting and segmented remarketing (FB/IG, Snapchat) using both static ads and dynamic product sets for upsell and cross-sell 

The Solution

Revenue growth 30% YoY, website conversion went from 2.4% to 3.7%, AOV grew by $15 YoY. 

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy,SEO



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Company Description

MassPay makes it simple to pay anyone, anywhere, any way they want. Servicing over 150 countries in 50+ currencies, MassPay tailors mass payouts to local preferences with the widest selection of payout methods available. 


One of MassPay's key value propositions is to help global companies enter emerging markets, particularly where payments can be tricky (e.g. Africa, South East Asia, Latin America). In many of these regions, payees do not have a bank account, or are underbanked.

We are looking to target executive level audiences (CEO, CFO, COO) who are ready to expand their company globally.




MOBY needed an revised marketing strategy that would shift spending focus from print/event placements to higher return digital advertising. The company has also recently acquired Baby Hawk (carriers) and Maya & Max (accessories); consolidating digital assets and streamlining marketing were key objectives for 2016.



New Glarus Bakery

Setup initial digital ads for this client




Loop wanted to launch a pre-summer campaign to gain traction for the season.